The Rock: “The XFL Represents Opportunity!”, Jokes About Playing In A Game


The Rock took to Instagram earlier today, hyping the XFL. As many of you know, he’s now the co-owner of the promotion. He even teased the idea of playing in a game!

Rock said,

“Sweatin’ in paradise with my new XFL belt and extra motivation.

XFL is much more than a big business acquisition – it represents an idea.

The idea of opportunity.

As an owner of the XFL, that’s my priority – create opportunities for players to live out their dreams, feed their families and ball out – XFL style.

I was a good football player with great “upper body violence” as my coach, Ed Orgeron loved to call it 😈💪🏾, so maybe I’ll be the first owner in pro football history to actually suit up and play in the game.

No doubt, I’ll get my ass whupped 🤣but at least I’m goin’ out on my shield – XFL style🛡

What a wild, unpredictable journey life can be and I got nothing but excitement and gratitude to create these opportunities for other players and people 🙏🏾

@danygarciaco and ownership let’s roll.”

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