The Rollins/Rhodes Feud + Finlay/WWE Update, Cena/Ryder


— All new t-shirts for John Cena, CM Punk, The Rock, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, Zack Ryder, Santno Marella and Ryback have been added to

— Current WWE agent/producer Fit Finlay is scheduled to appear at Tajiri’s Wrestling New Classic show. The event takes place in Japan on September 20th.

— Numerous WWE talents have been tweeting in regards to the feud between NXT/Developmental star Seth Rollins and WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. The talents have been using the hashtag #RollinsvsRhodes to give their predictions on the upcoming match between the two at the September 14th NXT house show from Ft. Pierce, Florida. Check out some of their tweets below:

Ted DiBiase: “Heard about #RollinsVSRhodes coming up. Should be a great match up, however, my bets are on Rhodes.”

Daniel Bryan: “I love good wrestling… which means I can’t wait to see my old rival @WWERollins square off against @CodyRhodesWWE on NXT #RollinsVSRhodes”

NXT Star Big E. Langston: “#RollinsVsRhodes 9/14. Should be held in the yard at Ft. Leavenworth w/ each combatant in prison garb a la “Life,” but Ft. Pierce will do.”

Tyson Kidd: “Looks like poor @CodyRhodesWWE can’t handle others like @WWERollins making a buzz. Maybe Blackout time?? #rhodesvsrollins”

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