The Rumored TLC Announce Team + A Big RAW Mistake


Partial Source:

— The late Doug Furnas was born on this date in 1959. His body was found on March 3rd of this year and it is believed he died from atherosclerotic and hypersensitive heart disease and Parkinson’s Disease. Furnas was the longtime tag partner of Phil Lafon, working WWE, WCW, ECW and All Japan.

— There are no pro wrestling shows advertised for ESPN Classics tonight.

— At this time, the scheduled announce team for the TLC PPV is Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL.

Gregory Davis sent this one along: One of the features of the WWE App is the airing of live video during commercial breaks. They include the continuation of a match during a commercial break, or an exclusive live interview. Just before they came out on MizTV, Matt Striker was interviewing Cody and Damien, and while Cody was talking, he messed up his words, and asked if he could restart the interview. Of course, they were live, and they instantly cut the feed.

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