The Sandman Botches Finish at Indie Event, Then Goes on Drunken Rant


The Sandman has not been making many friends lately, as seems to be the case with his latest independent wrestling appearance. On Feburary 21st, he took part in the three year anniversary of Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling at the Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa, Florida. While there, he reportedly botched the finish to a Atomic Next Level Championship match; which also included Shannon Moore, Chico Adams, and Vertigo. He then went on to have what is described as a ‘drunken rant’.

In a post accompanying footage posted to Youtube, ARW wrote: “Pulling the curtain back to let the world know the original scheduled match of The Sandman vs. Shannon Moore vs. Chico Adams vs. Vertigo (C) for the Atomic Next Level Championship was scheduled to go 12-15 minutes. The Sandman was drunk and botched the finish, ending the match in under 3 minutes. He proceeded to grab a microphone and go on a drunken unscripted rant and try to play matchmaker. On the night, he also called the town ‘Orlando’ when he was actually in Cocoa, Florida.

“Aside from the many backstage problems, including sexually harassing some of the women wrestlers and insulting the talent on the card, causing damages to the venue and nearly getting into a backstage altercation with talent…this is what occurred in the ring, in front of the curtain. Unprofessional is an understatement with his drunken behavior. Needless to say, we will NEVER work with The Sandman again. Enjoy!”

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