The Sandman & Other ECW Originals Team Up With ForeverFan To Meet Fans


The Sandman, Spike Dudley, Francine, and several other ECW Originals have teamed up with ForeverFan to take part in live video chats with fans. For those unaware, ForeverFan is a platform that connects athletes with their fans.

You can check out the official announcement below:

ForeverFan is a platform where Athletes and Fans can connect like never before. Fans can video chat live with their favorite talent. Anytime and anywhere in the world. Live, 1-on-1 conversations that lead to real connections. Aside from the multiple other ways to connect, fans can also acquire actual game used memorabilia directly from their favorite player and even have the ability to pre-order prior to the game being played. In addition, fans have the opportunity to purchase signed merchandise and sports memorabilia. All memorabilia is 100% authentic and all calls are live, personal conversations.

Our Offerings

Live Video Call – Schedule a private session with some of the most interesting athletes!
This is a special, personalized opportunity to connect, and ask questions you’ve always wanted to ask. The process is easy; you make an appointment and we will send you a confirmation email with a scheduled time and a link to the video session where your favorite talent will be waiting. A moderator will also be available to assist with any questions.

Video Shout Outs: Request a pre-recorded Shout Out from your favorite athlete.
This is a great way to pep someone up, wish them a Happy Birthday, or simply spread joy. When booking a Shout Out, you provide the key highlights that you would like our athletes to talk about, such as a special birthday greeting, a pep talk for the big game, or congratulations for an upcoming wedding, and we do the rest! Our athletes will record a message at least 30 seconds in length and will be sure to make your day. Do you run your own business? We also offer a similar Video Promotion Shout Out to give your business the edge you need to really drive in the customers.

Social Mentions: Blast your cool new athlete connection out to the whole world!
Talk about making thousands of people jealous at one time. Have one of our athletes take straight to social media and talk about how awesome you are! You provide the platform, the username to tag and a message to talk to. We will pass that along to the athlete and you sit back and watch your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram blow up from all your jealous followers and new requests.

Authentic Memorabilia: Collect signed merchandise or a special, tangible piece of history that was Game Used!
Our Memorabilia section is perfect for that Man Cave you’re building or to give the best present ever to that sports fan that you know. You find the signed merchandise or worn memorabilia that’s perfect for what you’re looking for and we’ll handle the rest – all with the ForeverFan guarantee. Want an extra special touch? Get your items LIVE Signed and we’ll set up a video call where you can watch your items get signed live in front of you.

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