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The SAT React To AEW’s The SAP Faction



A new faction came together at the latest round of AEW Dark tapings.

Angelico, Serpentico, and Luther have banded together as the newest members of AEW’s Trios division, calling themselves SAP (which stands for Spanish Announce Project).

This drew immediate comparisons to the already-established SAT (Spanish Announce Team) of Joel and Jose Maximo. The duo of SAT took to social media to chastise AEW for allowing the group’s formation and name.

Posting to Twitter, The SAT wrote: “if we don’t get a call in the next two days this will look so bad for you AEW in our world here our people stick together they not blind, ya are really wrong about this @TonyKhan @AEW. This will go on for ever if we don’t get our dues @AEW we are a very different monster and taking from us with out a permission or concent [sic] @TonyKhan is giving us greenlight on all the foolishness the SAT can produce along side our City our People. #pretenders #aew”

The duo also posted additional comments to Twitter, which you can read below:

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