​The Shield To Team With John Cena, Hugh Jackman/WWE, More


— The Shield is currently being advertised to team with John Cena
for the next few weeks at live WWE events, and the stable has also been added to
more events where they will be teaming up with Cena for the next two months. So
it appears the group will not be breaking up just yet and will be staying faces
after WrestleMania tonight.

Concertfy.com recently talked to Living Colour
frontman Corey Glover
who discussed the importance of CM
Punk using “Cult of Personality” as his theme song. Below is an excerpt from the

“For him the song has significance in his childhood,
which is very interesting for us to think that we impacted some kid. This is a
song that they played when they were in Little League, that’s hilarious. His
coach played Cult of Personality when they came out onto the field. It stuck
with him.”

– Hugh Jackman recently tweeted the following on being the
WrestleMania 30 Social media Ambadassador.

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