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NewsThe Street Profits Discuss A Potential Breakup, WrestleMania 39 Mindset

The Street Profits Discuss A Potential Breakup, WrestleMania 39 Mindset



On a recent edition of the “Getting Over” podcast, Montez Ford discussed the longevity of The Street Profits.

Ford revealed that while some mild ideas have been pitched for the disbanding of The Street Profits, there has never been a truly serious effort to separate him and Angelo Dawkins. He said,

“For us, it’s never been anything that has been pitched or anything like that, but there were a couple of instances where we felt like that were teasing it a little bit. We had some backstage segments where it was, ‘Oh, the draft could split you guys’ or MVP would come up and say, ‘You should be doing this or accepting that.’ There have been instances where people have tried to come in and add their two cents and make it go a certain way, but it never led that way. Very fortunate that it didn’t.”

On “The 513 Podcast,” Angelo Dawkins reflected on his mindset heading into WrestleMania 39.

According to Dawkins, he was more than prepared to face off with Braun Strowman in particular, after the beatdown he suffered at Strowman’s hands the year prior. He said,

“Look, man, we were all ready for that day. Strowman running around wrestling people over, I wanted to run him over specifically and we all just made it happen, you know what I’m saying? I woke up that day saying, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m about to run that dude over today.’ It was very fitting because when Braun Strowman came back, he blindsided a bunch of us and put me through the table, so that was my get-back.”

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