The Undertaker On Why It’s Hard To Book Omos On The Main Roster


WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of the Daily Mail about the potential of Omos and why it’s difficult to book someone of his nature on the main roster nowadays.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On his involvement with WWE post-retirement: “I have an open-door policy, whenever I want to show up either at the Performance Center or in main roster WWE. I have an open invitation to come and share my experiences and philosophies with the talent and try and help some of them develop their characters and its strange because I love to do that, I really do, but it’s really difficult to travel to go and do that at this point after all these years, to do that and get there and I’m still getting to grips with not being a performer in that aspect. I don’t know, that could be a little bit selfish of me, but when I am there, I’m always an open book and I openly look for people to come and talk to me. I can’t talk to everybody, but they know that I’m there and if they want to ask me questions on things I’m there and more than willing to share that information with them.”

“I’m anxious to see what happens there. I’m really high on Omos, he has a way to go and it’s difficult cause it’s so hard to book him. There’s nobody that matches Brock, but it’s so hard to match anybody up against him and it’s not like it was for Andre (The Giant) back in the day. Andre before WWE, he went from territory from territory and travelled and he was just a global ambassador so people didn’t see him week after week on the same show. With Omos, that’s something they’re going to have to figure out because he’s a very special talent. He’s still developing that talent and my gosh what a great human being he is – actually I’m killing him off cause he’s a bad guy right! But he is a really nice human being and he is a sponge and he wants to get better and he wants to do all of these things that I look for when I see somebody that I really want to mentor.

“But it’s difficult because its just so hard to book him in a way that he should be booked. He is an attraction, he’s not an every week tv kind of guy, he needs to be special and I think he needs to be protected in that way. It’s a really interesting dynamic, you have this guy who is massive and dwarfed Brock. Nobody dwarfs Brock. So it should be interesting, I’m curious to see how it all works out, but Omos is a great human being.”

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