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NewsThe Undertaker Reveals His WCW Earnings, Declan McMahon Teases Running WWE

The Undertaker Reveals His WCW Earnings, Declan McMahon Teases Running WWE



On a recent edition of his “Six Feet Under” podcast, The Undertaker discussed wrestling as ‘Mean Mark’ Callous in WCW and how much money he earned at the time.

While WCW paid him $1,200 per week, The Undertaker was always on the look out to maximize his income. He said,

The meeting was to renegotiate my contract. I had asked for the meeting because my contract was coming due. I was on the standard entry-level contract, which was maybe $1200 a month. This is 1989, early 1990. It was time to renegotiate my contract. I was, at that point in my career and life, I was a WCW guy. I enjoyed that product better. Being from Houston, we didn’t get a lot of WWF until Vince [Vince McMahon] went to cable. I was more drawn to guys like Flair [Ric Flair], Arn Anderson, Rock N Roll Express, Road Warriors, and those guys. I was happy there and where I wanted to be. I wasn’t going in to ask to break the bank. I knew it was going to be my second year with the company, I just wanted a little bump in pay. I went in and meet with Jim Barnett, Ole Anderson, and Jim Herd. I give them my speech, ‘I love it here, I’ve learned so much this year and am really happy. My contract is coming up.’ I was at $1200, I was trying to get to $2000. I said a month earlier, it was a week. $2000 a week. I gave them my whole story and it was like crickets. It was quiet. Ole was the first one to speak and he’s like, ‘You know, kid, you’re a great athlete, but no one is ever going to see you wrestle.’”

On a recent edition of the “Developmentally Speaking” podcast, Declan McMahon called himself the next possible McMahon family member to enter WWE.

Considering his stellar pedigree, Declan claimed that he would be the best individual of his generation to take the McMahon family name to newer heights in the wrestling industry.

Declan said, “Oh, probably me. I mean, the story, the story’s already written, right? I mean, the rightful heir, the good-looking — the one who looks like Vince, right? So, I think, just in the sense that you could play off the WrestleMania 20 [intro], right, like I posted on Twitter, right? You could play that off and just show that like, the new generation [of] McMahon has arrived. I think in that sense, I would. We have such a great family, and we’re all so supportive of each other. So I think, I think really, any of us could potentially want to do it. You know, I know Aurora, Paul’s oldest daughter, Triple H’s oldest daughter, she’s always talked about wanting to do it, but in having my dad and my grandpa’s ego, I think I’d be the best.”

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