The Undertaker Reveals What Made His Character In WWE So Different, & More


2022 WWE Hall of Fame inductee The Undertaker was recently interviewed by TODAY to promote WrestleMania 38.

During the interview, The Undertaker commented on what made his character so different, the idea of implementing a different voice for his character in promos, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the idea of implementing a different voice for his character in promos: “My reasoning behind all that was, is normally if somebody is loud, you know, you kind of give them a look and you’re kind of annoyed and you just turn back around and you mind your own business. But when somebody talks low, you’re a little bit more intrigued, like, what are they saying? So you lean in a little closer, and they grab your attention in a much different way.”

On what made his character so different: “I’m talking about taking your soul, throwing you in a casket, letting the worms eat your rotting flesh as I take your soul to hell. I mean, at this time period, nobody’s doing that. Nobody’s talking about things that dark and that heavy. And, you know, no one’s digging graves and throwing dirt. So, you know, it was all of those things that I was concentrating on to make myself different and make myself relevant in a world of superheroes that were really over the top.”

On how Paul Bearer helped the presentation of his character: “He’s got the loud, squealy, creepy voice and the high-pitched (delivery), you know, and the ghoulish look. So he was a complete contrast to what I was bringing in. But it was the same message that we just had different ways of approach. It was so good. It was perfect.”

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