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The Undertaker Says He Wasn’t A Good Family Man While On The Road



As part of his appearance on The Geordie podcast that we have been covering, The Undertaker spoke about his family life, which was lacking on the road. ‘Taker said,

“I can safely say there was an eight-year stretch where I averaged over 250 dates a year on the road. As you can imagine, you’re so wrapped up in it, and I am so wrapped up in this character. I can’t just come home. We would be out 40 days, I would come home for five, at the beginning of the third day off, I am ready to go. I am just conditioned to always be on the go. I wasn’t tuned in to my wife at the time. Probably the biggest negative aspect was my oldest son, I missed him growing up. I wish I could have been a better man and figured that out.”

The soon to be Hall Of Famer is glad to have had at least a second chance to be a good father for his eldest son: “Our relationship now is good, but the point was that I missed so much. I wasn’t there for the ball games and all of that. I was fortunate enough that he realized that he wanted to give me a second chance. You know, that was one of the greatest gifts that anyone has ever given me, was that second chance to be a dad to him. But my kids have definitely had to pay the price for my success.”

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