The Undertaker Shares His Favorite ‘Old School’ Horror Movie


The Undertaker recently starred in the “The Escape The Undertaker” interactive film on Netflix with The New Day. 

During an interview with Denny Directo of Entertainment Tonight, the legendary pro wrestler named his favorite horror movie of all time. 

“The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock,” Undertaker said emphatically. “Old school stuff. The thing was always with the ‘scare,” but you know it all got into slash and gore and all that which I think always kind of took away, eventually, took away from the scariness. Hitchcock, he always left it with the theater of the mind. Like he left you to think. Like, ‘What happened in PSYCHO?’ I always thought that was definitely your mind, what you think in your mind is far scarier than any special effect they can do. It’s kind of old school, but what else would you expect from The Undertaker?”

The film came out in 1963 and starred Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, and Jessica Tandy.

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