The Undertaker Wigs Out On RAW, WrestleMania Theme


— Rapper Machine Gun Kelly recently spoke to about WWE using his song “Invincible,” being selected as the WrestleMania 28 theme song, here is what he had to say… “Yeah, my song ‘Invincible’ got chosen as the theme for ‘WrestleMania’ for the homie John Cena. It’s the background for his trailer. It hasn’t come out yet, but I saw it and it’s f—— nuts. He’s an underdog from Boston, I’m a underdog from Cleveland, so it was cool, man.”

The Undertaker was reportedly wearing a wig on this past Monday’s RAW Supershow. As everyone knows by now, ‘Taker returned to confront Triple H to end the show. We reported several months ago that ‘Taker shaved his head and it hasn’t grown back all the way yet. You can click here to see photos of The Undertaker’s wig from RAW. Judge for yourself.

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