The Updated TNA Bound For Glory Standings Inside Here


Here are the updated TNA Bound for Glory series standings following this week’s TNA iMPACT! broadcast:


Magnus: (1-0) 10 Points

Jeff Hardy: (1-0) 7 Points

Ken Anderson: (1-0) 7 Points

Austin Aries: (1-0) 7 Points

Daniels: (1-0) 7 Points

Samoa Joe: (0-0-1dr) 2 Points

A.J. Styles: (0-0-1dr) 2 Points

Bobby Roode: (0-1) 0 Points

Kazarian: (0-1) 0 Points

Hernandez: (0-1) 0 Points

Jay Bradley: (0-1) 0 Points

Joseph Park: (0-1) 0 Points

Ongoing Series Results:

TNA iMPACT! 6.20.13: Ken Anderson defeated Joseph Park via pin

TNA iMPACT! 6.20.13: Austin Aries defeated Jay Bradley via pin

TNA iMPACT! 6.20.13: Daniels defeated Hernandez via pin

TNA iMPACT! 6.20.13: Magnus defeated Kazarian via submission

TNA iMPACT! 6.20.13: AJ Styles and Samoa Joe fought to a draw

TNA iMPACT! 6.20.13:Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode via pin

How Scoring Works:

All matches have a 15-minute time limit

Submission Victory: 10 Points

Pinfall Victory: 7 Points

Countout Victory: 5 Points

DQ Victory: 2 Points

Draw: 2 Points

DQ Loss: -5 Points

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