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NewsThe Wolves Discuss TNA Moving TV Networks & If They Were Informed...

The Wolves Discuss TNA Moving TV Networks & If They Were Informed On How Negotiations Went



Former ROH and TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) spoke with the Huffington Post UK about TNA moving from Spike TV to Destination America and how much did TNA inform them of the company’s future on TV. Here are the highlights.

Their thoughts on TNA moving from Spike to Destination America

Richards: Yeah, we are. Myself and Eddie believe that we were putting in a really good strong product and it wasn’t being valued enough by Spike TV. It wasn’t being showcased and yet there is so much more we can do. It’s hard when you’re handcuffed. Obviously we don’t run the TV company and we can’t say “well, we need another television show” or “we need more advertisement”. Spike had their priorities but we need to be somewhere where we are a priority. Now we’re taking a step back to move two steps forward. They’re really behind us, we’re going to have more TV content and everyone there is really excited and motivated for it. It’s going to be good for everybody and they’re such a great group of guys.

Edwards: It’s going to add new life into it all and it’s a shot in the arm. We had a TV show that was one of, if not the top rated with very minimal advertising. It wasn’t getting promotion and that would have helped. Now we’re moving and it’s a great time of year to do it, with the UK tour coming up which is always huge.

If they were well informed on how the TV contract negotiations were going between TNA and Spike?

Richards: We weren’t well informed but working for Ring of Honor, it was the exact same thing. You’ve got to be careful what information you disperse nowadays, you can’t just say “hey, in three months we’re moving” because there’s always going to be some guy that blurts it out and then we lose the element of surprise. I get that there’s half a population that always wants to know everything but there’s also that other half that doesn’t. I was backstage at Survivor Series when Sting showed up and the place went wild. It was crazy to see and I’m sure some guys will be saying “I read about that online” but I thought “that’s cool! I didn’t know he was here”. So we’re not told everything but there’s a reason but we’re all taken care of.

Edwards: We were always confident that it was happening, it was just a case of when it was going to be announced and when everything was taken care of.

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