The Wrestling World Reacts To Kane’s Controversial Russia-Ukraine Comments


Glenn “Kane” Jacobs’ stirred up a lot of controversy on Sunday after tweeting about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The WWE Hall of Famer and Knox County Mayor said things such as “Historically in the real world, might makes right”, as well as stating that the United States should not get involved in the conflict. He would also go on to blast the “political left”. Of course, Kane is a Republican and has been increasingly more radical when sending out tweets and responding to anyone against him with some fairly nasty comments. Kane originally tweeted out the following:

“If you on the Left and are shocked by Putin’s aggression, wake up, Sunshine. Historically in the real world, might makes right. Weakness (which is really what the Left is all about) is not a virtue. It’s a fatal character flaw. (And, no, the US should still not get involved).

I highly doubt Putin cares a whit about toxic masculinity, the Cancel Culture Mutawa, or any of the other things the radical Left stands for.”

As we reported earlier here on eWn, AEW World Champion Hangman Page responded to Kane’s tweets and shared links to UNICEF’s “Support Children of Ukraine” and “Ukraine Crisis Relief” fundraisers. He also posted a YouTube video of Kane taking 10 chair shots to the head.

Cedric Alexander and “Sean “X-Pac” Waltman have since responded to Kane’s tweet, with X-Pac posting a GIF without context of himself hitting Kane with a fireball:

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