The WWE Crew Gets Weekend Off + Orton Grants A Wish


— Edge had an interview with Journey of a Frontman about his tastes in music.

When asked about changing his theme song from Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop”, he said: “Replacing Never Gonna Stop wasn’t my choice. The copyright ran out on Never Gonna Stop. And the way that started is, I tore my labrum in my shoulder, but I didn’t get surgery, so I ended up having a month off. So I threw a shot in the dark. I always hated that You Think You Know Me music because it never fit me and what I actually listen to.”

— WWE has no shows this weekend and will next hold events in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Monday’s RAW) and Tulsa, Oklahoma (Tuesday’s SmackDown).

— Randy Orton recently granted the wish of a 13-year-old with a disease called adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). You can read the story here.

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