The Young Bucks: “AEW Won’t Have Six-Man Tag Titles!”, and More


During the post-Fyter Fest media scrum, The Young Bucks were asked about possibly doing six-man tag titles (similar to what ROH is doing), the comedic elements of the kickoff-show and more. You can check out some highlights and a video from the segment below:

Nick Jackson on what they did after Double or Nothing: “We watched the whole show back to see what we didn’t do good and what we did do good … I watched it about three times. And then we tried to learn from the mistakes that we made, and we went from there.”

On if they have plans for six-man tag titles:
Nick: “No, we don’t want to oversaturate the titles.”
Matt: “We already have too many titles. Once you have that many it’s like…”
Nick: “We have one.”

Nick on the chair shot Cody took from Shawn Spears: “You think it was unprotected, and I’ll keep it at that … That was all Cody’s idea. I think — see, I I don’t even know what happened, to be honest. All I know is he did get staples, so I’m gonna have to look back on it, and I’ll have a comment on it later, so I don’t even know. But I do know that they gimmicked the chair and it clearly didn’t work since he was bloody, so I don’t know.”

Matt Jackson on enforcing time cues in the match: “We discussed that yesterday. It’s one thing I think I like that people do overseas. Internationally, they do that, I think — I don’t know why, but it makes it seem more sporty. I think that might be something we keep.”

On of their shows will be single events or annually run shows:
Nick: “This one in particular was probably a one-and-done, I’d imagine.”
Matt: “I think a year from now, nobody will be remember what Fyre Fest anyway will be an old show.”
Nick: “We’re definitely doing Double or Nothing all the time annually. I don’t know, I guess we’ll see.”
Matt: “You know, we’re such a baby company now, like I don’t even know if I can give you a straight answer. You know, we’re still trying things out. But yeah, the plan — it would be nice to have some annual shows. I mean, I would love to go back to Vegas and do [Double or Nothing] 2. Chicago every weekend of either early September or late August where it falls. That’s always a fun one.”

On the pre-show having more comedic elements:
Nick: “I mean, look at the show. It was a parody of the [Fyre Fest] documentary. I shouldn’t have been serious.”
Matt: “I think think this like, this whole thing was a blow-off to the Being the Elite story. And I felt like we have to do that justice. Anything we start, we like to finish.”
Nick: “In two weeks, we have a very serious show that’s probably not going to have anything [comedic].”
Matt: “But I think that was intentional. I think it was intentional to do the pre-show and have a little bit more comedic stuff. And then when we start the show we had that great cold open, ‘Welcome to Fyter Fest!’ And it was serious business from that point on.”

(h/t 411 Wrestling)

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