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The Young Bucks: Being on TNT ‘Still Feels Like A Dream’



Speaking to the Herald Bulletin, Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks, spoke about how surreal it is for them to be on the TNT Network every week with AEW Dynamite:


“That’s when I think it really got real for me. It was like, ‘OK, here we go. This isn’t just a couple of friends doing a group of shows. This is the real deal, and we’re going to be on television every week.’ I think I’m going to look back at this time fondly and go, ‘Wow, that was probably one of the best times in my professional career. And I just want to try to appreciate it because what we’re doing is really special.”


“It still feels like a dream to me. Everything is so crazy, it’s hard to explain.”

On this coming Wednesday, Nick Jackson will face singles competition against Fenix.

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