The Young Bucks Comment on Taking Shots at WWE, Say AEW is a “Billion Dollar Company”


The Young Bucks commented on taking shots at other wrestling companies and whether that will continue during their post AEW “Double or Nothing” media scrum. You can check out some highlights and a video below, courtesy of 411 Wrestling:

On the shots taken at other companies
Matt Jackson: “I mean, it’s just our sense of humor, right? If I see something obvious, I’m gonna poke fun at it. I’ve done it my entire career, so I’m not gonna stop now that I work for a billion-dollar company. So yeah, I mean, a little bit of that is our flavor, it’s just the way it is.”
Nick Jackson: “We won’t be doing it at every show.”
Matt: “No, but if there’s something funny to talk about, you know.”

Matt on Cody destroying the throne with a sledgehammer: “Well, I didn’t even know about that until this morning and I saw it in rehearsal. And that popped me, I was like, ‘We’re doing THAT?’ So yeah, that one wasn’t me. I can’t take the heat on that one.”

Nick on AEW adhering to a wins and losses system and how Double or Nothing affects future matches: “Well for instance, Kenny’s not gonna be in the World Title match. He had a loss, so we’re gonna treat him like any other superstar that’s on the roster. He’s gotta get a win back, you know what I mean? We haven’t figured out a complete system, but Tony’s got great ideas and he’s so good with all these analytics, that we’re listening. And we’re excited pursue it.”

Matt on if the Casino Battle Royale counts as a loss on the guys’ records: “I don’t think so. I think we’re talking about actual matches, not necessarily gimmick matches.”

On AEW not happening if they had been offered dual contracts
Nick: “Literally, it blows my mind. Everything happens for a reason on this earth, and for whatever reason that was, it didn’t happen.”
Matt: “I don’t want to take credit for it, but it’s just the truth: we were the guys that gathered all of our friends to make this a thing.”
Nick: “We made it a pact. We said, ‘We could just go to WWE and make millions of dollars, or we could join together and try to change wrestling for the better.’ And I feel like that’s what we’re doing.”

On guys being offered big money to stay with WWE right now
Matt: “The economy of wrestling is up, and if we have [something] to do with that, all we ever want to do in this business is help the boys. Because for so long, the boys haven’t had any leverage and they’ve been eating dog crap for years. And if we’ve come along and we’ve helped the boys make a little more money and have a little bit more power, than more power to them.”
Nick: “The pay scale has completely changed because of this. And you know what, the wrestlers deserve it. We’re some of the most underpaid talent in entertainment. So we’re happy about it.”
Matt: “If there’s anything I want to be remembered for, it’s not having great matches or anything like that. We’ve had a lot of great matches that I’m very proud of, that’s fine. But if I can be remembered for something bigger than that, something that actually pushed the industry forward and helped pay the guys. That’s what I want to be remembered for.”

On balancing being executives and talent
Nick: “I probably did five miles of running today backstage. I told Matt right before we did this, this is the most sore I’ve ever been after a match. It was a learning experience, but man was it so much fun.”
Matt: “There’s like a million little fires that happen that you have to put out, that you don’t even realize. It’s like, ‘What? We can’t find the people who are singing the National Anthem? Well find them!’ And like, oh that’s me! I have to go do that now! ‘Oh, we don’t have a table? Go get a table under the hard cam!’ It’s just like, impossible how like, we didn’t even get a chance to prepare for our match until the eleventh hour. The fact that it turned out the way it did, it blows my mind. When we were entering the ring, I was like, ‘This is going to be an absolute disaster.’”

Nick on if there were any production issues: “Nope! Smooth, we were very happy with that. I think we went off air with maybe fifteen minutes to go, I want to say. But god, that’s cold, the first official show, we did it, so that’s good.”

On how they’ll critique the show Nick: “We’re gonna watch every single thing.”
Matt: “I’m gonna watch it all. And I wanna take notes, and I think that we need a big pow-wow and talk about the things that didn’t go so well.”
Nick: “Oh, we know exactly what we have to fix with certain things.”
Matt: “But you know, we expected that. We’re proud of like, this is our first show. There’s gonna be hiccups. Of course there are, and we’re gonna get learn from that and we’re gonna get better at it.”

Matt on if they think they’re frontrunners for the first AEW Tag Team Champions: “God, I mean the titles don’t even exist yet, but I mean, if we’re talking about wins and losses yeah, we’re at the top. So we’ll see.”

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