The Young Bucks Discuss Their Match With The Hardy Boys At Double Or Nothing


During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, The Young Bucks commented on their match with the Hardy Boys at AEW Double or Nothing, their goals for the match, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Matt Jackson on their goals for the match: “We definitely wanted to present something fresh to the audience. Many of our fans have seen our other matches, and we wanted to respect that. Our biggest goal was to show the people that the Hardys are still great and have a ton of gas left in the tank, all these years later. We didn’t want to have to lean on the greatest hits. Every great artist creates new art and reinvents themselves. The Hardys clearly stood their ground. The highlight of the match was seeing and hearing the Hardys having another big career moment.”

Nick Jackson on proving the Hardys’ critics wrong: “We’re all a bit older now than we were during our Ring of Honor match, and there was a lot more doubt from critics that we’d be able to pull off a great match, or as great as a match that we’ve had in the past. Those matches have a reputation as being classics, so we had big shoes to fill. But we thrive under situations like that and prefer when there’s a chip on our shoulder. So we went out, motivated to prove the naysayers wrong and put on a memorable match that we were all super proud of.”

Matt on cosplaying as the Hardys: “I think that was my favorite segment I’ve ever done. We used to do that very thing in our parents’ backyard, and now we got to do it on cable television. I feel like it stood out too because there hasn’t been much of that on the shows lately. We have no problem leaning into fun and comedy when it’s appropriate, and I’m really proud of the match. They’re the greatest in-ring tag team of all-time and the biggest box office, needle-moving, merch money-makers ever. So losing to them isn’t a tough pill to swallow.”

Nick on a rematch: “If we have anything to say about it, that was not the last time we’ll wrestle the Hardys. There are so many other gimmick matches we are yet to explore. They clearly showed they’ve still got it.”

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