​The Young Bucks React To The People Who Criticize Their Style Of Wrestling, & More


During a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) responded to critics who don’t like their style of wrestling. Here are some highlights:

Nick Jackson on their older critics: “We plain out just say, ‘You’re outdated’. This is what’s hot, this is what’s new, and you’ve just got to move on. Things from back then don’t necessarily work as good now. Some of the stuff is outdated, like I said. I think if you did a chinlock for 10 minutes at a Ring of Honor show, they’re chanting ‘This is boring’. You can’t do that type of stuff nowadays. It worked back then, it was good back then, but now, it’s different. Fans nowadays, they have shorter attention spans and they want to be entertained like this and we try to give that.”


Matt Jackson on not giving their fans what they want: “And if you don’t…they’re going to be on their phone. I want to be the guy that has their attention from the time I hit the curtain, the entire time, I go back to the curtain. I want to be that match. Like he said, I can’t put a guy in a chinlock for 10 minutes straight and keep their attention. It’s just not going to happen in 2016.”

Matt on their critics losing credibility: “I guess they lose a little more credibility with the way they react to it and the way their behavior is, the way they talk about it. If they just downright say, ‘This is wrong. It’s not supposed to be this way’, yeah, they lose credibility because they’re less cool now. The fans are going, ‘No, no! You’re burying my favorite guy! What are you doing, man? I thought you were cool. Why are you talking crap about my favorite wrestler?’. There’s a way to do it or there’s a way to present the idea and say, ‘Listen, I’m not saying the way they do it now is wrong, but the way I did it back in the day was different’. That’s the way to talk about it. You don’t just bury it and, in Jim Cornette’s style, do a shoot interview for an hour on your podcast and curse and say all these things – how we should be hung in Times Square for doing a certain spot… That’s when you lose that credibility… Just be articulate, talk, state your opinion. State facts why you feel like your opinion is right. You don’t have to be a jerk about it. That’s all I’m saying.”

Nick on the goals they have left: “I don’t know. We’ve done quite a bit. The one goal that I always tell all my family is just to continue to make as much money as possible and to stay healthy. If that means going to WWE, so be it. If that means staying here, so be it. Whatever’s best for my family if it comes down to it.”

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