The Young Bucks Reveal Why They Put Up A Big Stipulation For Their Match With FTR


As seen during Wednesday night’s edition of AEW Dynamite, The Young Bucks announced that if they fail to win their match against FTR at Full Gear, they will never again challenge for the AEW tag-team titles. The Bucks took to Twitter today to comment on the stipulation. They said,

“There’s so much more to this than just a ‘dream match.’ It’s the impossible match that nobody saw ever happening & it’s been brewing for years. It’s the clash of two polar opposite styles. They think they’re the best at what they do & we think we’re the best. They’re a throwback, retro team. While we have fought for years to usher in new ideas.

But most importantly for us, this is a story about overcoming failure. We failed in the tag team tournament. We failed in our tag team title match against SCU. We failed in our tag team title match against Hangman & Kenny. We failed in the tag team gauntlet. It’s time to put ourselves in a no fail situation. Our backs are now against the wall & we’ve got to bet on ourselves. If we don’t win, we’ll never challenge for the Tag Titles ever again. No more failing.”

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