The Young Bucks Talk AEW Differentiating Itself from WWE


In a new Interview with, The Young Bucks promise to do whatever it takes to keep AEW different from WWE:

“It’s got to be shot different. Whatever do they do, we have to do the opposite. If that means that they have a PG type of show, we should have a more edgy type of show. Our matches should look different and the things we do in the matches should be different. Our stories should be different, they should be more complex.”

This may seem like an elementary and obvious move, but if you follow the track record of some of the promotions that have had the opportunity to go against the WWE in the past, they often fall into the pattern of becoming WWE lite.

Perhaps, with somebody like Cody Rhodes at the helm who has been in WWE, they will be able to avoid these pitfalls.

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