The Young Bucks Talk CM Punk & Unhappy WWE Stars Rumored to go to AEW


TalkSport has released its full interview with the Young Bucks. 

During the interview, they commented on wrestlers like CM Punk or unhappy WWE superstars being connected to rumors of going to AEW. Here is what they had to say: 

Nick: “Yeah, that’s definitely true [everyone gets linked]. It’s hard to say because like you said, everyone is linked [to us]. If there is anyone that’s unhappy anywhere else it’s like ‘oh, well they’re going to AEW’ [laughs]. The reality is we already have a full roster, completely. And we’re only going to have one show a week. The roster we have now is what we want and what we wanted. For us to utilise each talent as much as we can, I feel like we have enough people. Never say never though for someone who is a huge superstar. I guess you can make room for a big, big name. For now though, I feel like we have a complete roster.”

Matt: “Whenever you hear or see things on Twitter it’s like man, I used to read everything and it got to a point somewhere along the line just recently, within the year probably, where I was like ‘You know what, it’s impossible to navigate all of this and take it all in’. You can’t defend yourself because there is just going to be five more stories that pop up about you. If I tried to clear up every single headline I would just be on my phone all day long fighting a fight that is unwinnable.”

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