Theory Reacts To Johnny Gargano Superkicking Him On Last Week’s Episode Of RAW


Theory and Johnny Gargano used to work together in WWE NXT as “The Way.”

Just last week, Gargano made his return to WWE on RAW and superkicked his former partner, which has led to a main roster feud between the two men.


During a recent appearance on the “Under The Ring” podcast, Theory commented on his time in ‘The Way,’ Gargano attacking him on last week’s episode of RAW, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his time in The Way: “We literally all showed up every time we had something to do and it was just a great time. It was just kind of like a collaboration on just everything … We kind of just really did feel like a family, you know?”

On Gargano attacking him on RAW: “Somebody who, you know, you thought stood next to you, somebody you thought would support you, you know, after everything you did for them, and to literally manipulate me with something we did as, pretty much as father and son would, the no-look high five, and then he faked me out and kicked me right in the face. He’s pretty much already written the way his Monday Night Raw journey is going to go … it’s not going to be at my expense.”

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