Theory Wants To Defend The WWE United States Title Against John Cena


Theory was a guest on the “After The Bell” podcast today where he discussed his quick rise in WWE and the comparisons to John Cena.

For the young star, his ultimate goal is to defend his United States Title against Cena. He said,

“It’s just wild. That’s who got me into WWE. At first, I wasn’t crazy about sports entertainment. But I think I was just attached to that character, John Cena, and how it motivated me.

“Now to see that come to light and interact with me where I’m at in my career, it’s just amazing, especially what he did say on Twitter. I just thought that it was very interesting, but at the same time very motivating. So I’m very grateful for that. You know, it’s WWE. We never know what could happen. I feel like we do have a feeling what could happen pretty soon though.

“I ultimately want to defend the United States Championship against John Cena.”

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