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NewsThere Goes My Baby: R-Truth Has Lost the WWE 24/7 Title Once...

There Goes My Baby: R-Truth Has Lost the WWE 24/7 Title Once Again



When we began the night, Sunil Singh was the WWE 24/7 Champion. he would lose that Championship after being eliminated from the kick-off Battle Royal before WWE Crown Jewel when R-Truth would roll him up.

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That moment gave R-Truth his 21st WWE 24/7 title reign… and it’s gone.

R-Truth would once again lose the championship in very cartoonish fashion.

During Crown Jewel, we would see a cutaway of the multitude of superstars chasing Truth running down the hallway. It would then be revealed that R-Truth was hiding in a room and when he came out, you would be surrounded by the Singh Brothers. In a failed attempt to escape, Truth would run into the door he was once hiding behind only this time, Samir Singh would cover him for his first WWE 24/7 Championship reign.

Easy come easy go for R-Truth.

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