This Week’s 1,000th Edition Of RAW Rating Is In …..


Source: Nielsen Media Research &

This week’s (7/23) edition of WWE Monday night RAW drew a 3.8 cable rating, with an average of 6.02 million viewers over the three hours. The regular two-hour portion drew a 4.02 (4.0) cable rating, with 6.31 million viewers. The first hour drew 5.43 million viewers, the second hour drew 6.32 million viewers and the third hour drew 6.30 million viewers. This is the first time an episode did over a 4.0 rating for the two-hour period since April 13, 2009, the show two weeks after WrestleMania 25. It’s also the first time the show has averaged over six million viewers since the commercial-free episode in June of 2009.

Obviously, WWE has to be very happy about these numbers.

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