This Week’s WWE Monday Night RAW Rating Is In – View The Final Number Inside Here


UPDATE: This week’s WWE RAW
broadcast drew a 3.05 (3.1) cable rating, with an average of
4.32 million viewers. That is down 3% from last week’s 3.15 (3.2). As previously
reported, the show drew hours of  4.40 million, 4.51 million and 4.05 million
viewers. That’s a huge drop off in the third hour which isn’t good

ORIGINAL: Monday night’s episode
of WWE RAW drew 4.32 million viewers and a 1.4 rating in the
18 – 49 demographic. Those numbers are down a bit, off 3% and 5% from last
week’s 4.43 million and 1.47 demo rating. They’re still up from 4.15 million and
a 1.33 the week before that, though.

The show took a sizable drop in the third hour,
pulling in hourly viewerships of 4.40 million, 4.51 million and 4.05 million.
This is a change from the last several weeks where the viewership grew or stayed
the same in the third hour. The household rating will be available

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