​This Week’s WWE RAW Dark Match & WWE Superstars **SPOILERS**


Credit: Chris Featherstone of Crave Wrestling

The following matches were taped prior to Monday night’s WWE RAW broadcast for this week’s WWE Superstars broadcast:

Dark Match:

There wasn’t one.

WWE Superstars (Airing This Week):

Shining Stars d. Tyler Breeze & Fandango: Shining Stars cut a heel promo on the city before the match. Wins with a dropkick/leg sweep combination on Fandango.

The Usos d. Ascension: Usos come out to a chorus of boos. Crowd becomes split after their chant, and even more in favor of them when the Ascension comes out. “Let’s go Usos!” chant during the match. Usos win with a top rope splash from Jimmy to Konnor.

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