This Week’s WWE RAW Rating Rises – Details


UPDATE: Last night’s episode of WWE RAW drew a 2.96 (3.0) cable rating, with 4.01 million viewers, up 2% and 3% respectively from a 2.91 and 3.89 million the week before.

As noted below, the show did hours of 3.87 million, 4.16 million and 4.01 million.

ORIGINAL: The 9/16 WWE Monday Night RAW did an average viewership of 4.01 million viewers. The first hour did 3.87 million viewers. The second hour did 4.16 million viewers. The third hour did 4.01 million viewers. This number is up from last week’s show that did 3.89 million viewers.

Nick Sidel sent in these notes from last night’s WWE RAW broadcast:

The show must’ve been a sellout or damn near close, huge difference from the TNA show at the smaller arena a few weeks ago. There were tons of children with parent(s) in the audience and a lot of 20-30somethings. Crowd was really into doing the “yes” chants and Bryan was second in pop loudness, next to the Miz, believe it or not, but you can blame that on the homers. They really went nuts during his comebacks in that segment.

The only thing extra on the show was a Superstars match, taped pre-Raw.

Kofi v Drew McIntyre w Slater & Mahal. Back and forth match. The finish had Mahal on the apron attempting to try something on Kofi. McIntyre ended up thrown towards Mahal, but stopped short of running into him. Kofi took advantage of the heel backfire with his spinning kick to the back of McIntyre’s head causing him to bump into Mahal, fall down and letting Kofi score the pin.

No dark match and no CM Punk who the crowd was expecting, make that wanting, especially during the Bryan beatdown. I haven’t watched Raw yet, but after the jabronis made the save, they just marked out with Bryan for a while all doing the yes motions and carried him on their shoulders a few times then held hands and did the drama theater bow.

After the ring was cleared, Ziggler ran all around the arena, I mean ALL OVER, slapping hands with everyone. He’s a hometown boy as well, but I guess there’s only room for one guy from Cleveland in the WWE. Here’s a fun fact, I was born in same hospital as Miz, then moved to the city that Ziggler is said as hailing from! I really want to know why Ziggler chose Hollywood, Fl as his announced place of residence? Anyways, no dark match, but Bryan came out for a 5 second curtain call.

I actually had a pretty good time considering there was a lot of yapping, no Punk, no special matches, but damn, Bryan can be put in with a broomstick and make it fun. Someone please put on a great show in Cleveland, they always seem to be mediocre.

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