Three Live Reports From The WWE Extreme Rules PPV


The following is from Mike Killam:

It was announced during tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules PPV that 14,817 was the final attendance for tonight’s event in Chicago. The show was announced as a legitimate sell out.

Sheamus and Big Show got the biggest heel reactions from the live crowd of all the babyfaces. The typical back-and-forth for Cena happened as well but was expected.

Prior to CM Punk riling up the crowd before his match started, Daniel Bryan was by far the most over with the live crowd.

Miz surprisingly got a ton of heat for his match against Santino Marella. The crowd was answering “yes” to his asking “really” during his promo, and he sustained quite a bit of heat throughout the match.

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Kane vs. Randy Orton: The crowd went nuts for Mr. RKO. I would have liked to have seen more hardcore action.

Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler: This was horrible. I got up to use the restroom.

Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes: I was so upset at how big show lost! Because he stepped on the table? Horrible.

Ryback vs. two random wrestlers: OMG! I wanted to boo them all! Ryback totally dominated and the crowd seemed to not really be into that. They also walked out for a break.

C.M. Punk vs. Chris Jericho: The crowd was hype for both guys! They put on a great show! Punk showed mad love to his fans and his family was sitting a section in front of me (I was in 102 row B). Punk’s win had the entire arena blown away.

Layla vs. Nikki Bella: I saw it coming with Beth being unable to compete. The crowd was a little disappointed. The crowd was hot for her. Personally, I am ready for Natalya or Tamina to get the title.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena: Lesnar got mixture of boos and cheers. He came out in his MMA attire and a lot of the crowd was replying by saying, “This is wrestling you know?” When people saw Cena get split open by Brock, some kids were crying, some booed. I noticed it was all of the adults who are anti-Cena.

Credit: Martin Hawrysko

I was at WWE’s Extreme Rules last night in Chicago. I was in the flat leveled folding chair section, about 10 rows behind the announcers, and proudly sporting my PWInsider shirt. While I’ve been watching WWE for 14 years, this was my first time attending any wrestling show. My interest – especially in the last year – has waned significantly, and up until the Brock Lesnar vignette two weeks ago, I was not too excited about this show. Below are a few observations and other misc. notes.

As a long-time elite who typically is in agreement with Dave and Mike on the problems WWE has overall, it is obvious to me that there is a new breed of fans who absolutely dig the entertainment/comedy/fluff that WWE likes to give. When I was watching Hell in a Cell at a local Buffalo Wild Wings months ago, I couldn’t believe how many people in the restaurant were supporting Santino in that World Title chamber match. The same happened last night. While the crowd hated Miz, they truly did go nuts for Santino. This new breed of WWE fans — many of whom are the 20 year old males — love Santino, and they also love John Cena. That was another thing that was a bit shocking to me — the amount of 20 something male fans who were honest Cena fans. A lot of people wearing Cena hats and shirts. I don’t get it, but to each his own, I suppose.

The Kane and Orton brawl in the crowd happened right around our section. We all know it is a show, so when the wrestlers come around us, of course we are going to go nuts and be excited. As this was happening, I was thinking about a recent Ring KaKing taping I watched and how the Japanese fans legitimately get scared when wrestlers work their way into the crowd. That element is missing in today’s pro wrestling here in the States. In contrast, later in the night during the Brock/Cena match, there was a funny moment when Brock leaned by the railing and gave the fan there a dirty look. The fan flinched and gave Brock the surprised look that suggested, “Hey! Don’t look at me… I didn’t do anything!”

I was surprised at how nonchalant the crowd seemed to be towards Brodus Clay. A lot of people didn’t seem to really react to his entrance. They were more into Ziggler.

I thought there would be more YES! chants. They were prevalent throughout the night, especially during spots or hits that the fans liked. During the Bryan/Sheamus match, the YES! chants would be followed by NO! chants. It sounded like the NO! chants were barely louder, so my guess is, just below half the arena was into Bryan.

The Brock and Cena match was my favorite match of the show, and probably the only real thing I was truly looking forward do. One note I do specifically want to pass on is the fact that about halfway into the match, a camera guy came by our section and had a camera set up facing the side entrance/exit isle near us. There was a security person standing by the isle entrance, giving the appearance as if they were waiting to deliver some kind of cue. Obviously, we were thinking they were getting ready to film something — either Brock or Cena making their way towards us, or perhaps, to catch someone making an entrance from the side isle. All of us were speculating what might happen. Unfortunately, after three or four minutes, the camera guy took the camera and walked away out of our sight. Rather strange.

Overall, I had a great time. I enjoyed the Sheamus/Daniels match, Punk/Jericho and of course Brock/Cena. Enjoyed my first show, and depending on how storylines progress in the coming months, I may decide to go when Raw is back in Chicago this September.

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