Tiffany Stratton Was ‘Very Close’ To Playing Maxxine Dupri


On a recent Twitch stream, Mansoor and Mace discussed a myriad of topics following their recent WWE release.

The former Maximum Male Models stablemates shared a story about Tiffany Stratton nearly taking on the role of Maxxine Dupri.


Mace and Mansoor first learned about the character of Maxxine when they noticed the Twitter account for the character.

However, the duo was under the impression that it was a fake account until they were asked to follow the handle.

Mansoor noted, “Maxxine Dupri was a character that existed before the person playing it right now started playing it. Maxxine Dupri, as a concept, was created that day. Knight saw that and was like, ‘That’s it, guys.’ You know what’s funny. Maxxine Dupri character gets created on Twitter and says, ‘I’m Max’s sister and I’m running the Maximum Male Model website.’ We’re all looking at that like, ‘Okay.’ A week after that, they tease the debut of Maxxine Dupri. ‘Maxxine Drupe will come out with the Maximum Male Models.’ I swear to God, when I heard that, I looked at LA, we looked at each other at the same time, ‘It’s going to be you in a dress, isn’t it?’ He’s like, ‘It’s going to be me in a dress.'”

“Can we say who it was almost going to be? Okay, we heard Maxxine Dupri was going to be Tiffany Stratton. We heard that was very close to happening until the last minute.”

Mace added, “They did not decide until the day before. It was the day before travel. Sidney [Sofia] found out and had to go pack.”

WWE released Mace and Mansoor last week after months of inactivity.

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