Tips On How To Get The WWE Network On Playstation


Credit: Charles L. Sylvester and “Bart”

Two readers wrote to us about how to get the WWE Network to work on the Playstation systems. If you’re having trouble using the service yourself, here are some helpful tips.

Charles L Sylvester wrote: “In your article about the WWE Network difficulties you stated that people are complaining about the Playstation login being “broken”. I also was having this issue but I figured it out. I’m not sure if anyone else has reported this or not but it seems that in the login box they have the circle and X buttons switched. If you press circle to enter characters for username and password it will work and will not back out of the login screen (which is what circle would normally do). Hope this was of any help.”

Bart added: “Saw your article about continuing WWE Network issues. Thought I’d let you know the login box on Playstation works but for some weird reason you need to use circle instead of x when entering the letters. This makes no sense because circle is almost always delete in Playstation but I can do firm it worked. Credit to some guy on Reddit.”

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