Title Belt Maker’s Titles, JR At Developmental Center


— WWE.com has an article looking at the ten favorite title belts of Dave Millican, who makes the WWE title belts today. You can read that here; his list is below.

* “Winged Eagle” WWE Championship

* NWA World Heavyweight Championship

* “Classic” Intercontinental Championship

* “Inmate Belt” AWA World Heavyweight Championship

* 1986 AWA World Heavyweight Championship

* “Classic” WWE World Tag Team Championship

* WCWA World Heavyweight Championship

* NWA World Television Championship

* AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship

* The “Big Gold Belt”

— Jim Ross posted the following to Twitter today:

Toured the new, WWE PERFORMANCE CENTER today. It’s due to open in a few weeks but will be a difference maker. Absolutely spectacular! @WWE

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