Tito Ortiz: “Kurt Angle Might Have Been A World Champion In MMA!”, Talks “TNA” Run


During a recent interview with Hannibal TV (video below), former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz commented on his “TNA” run and said Kurt Angle could have been a “World Champion” in MMA if he went that route. You can check out some highlights and a video of the interview below:

On how Kurt Angle would have done in MMA: “Probably one of the best American collegiate wrestlers, heavyweight at least, to wrestle. An amazing athlete but he went to professional wrestling. If he had gone to the MMA side, it might have been the same thing and he’d be a world champion. Once again, it would’ve come down to him learning how to punch, kick, and do submissions. I was the [UFC] champion at the time, so I would have beat him. He’s done great at his job as a professional wrestler. It is hard work, it is dedication, it takes perseverance. He’s shown it through his career with all the injuries throughout his career and how he’s battled through it.”

On his run with TNA Wrestling: “A couple people were responsible for me getting into TNA. Dixie Carter, she brought me out and helped me out a long coming in. I had an opportunity to talk to Hulk Hogan for like four hours, who is an amazing man. [Hogan’s life] has a lot of resemblance to a lot of things in my life. Another person that helped bring me in was Jeff Jarrett, an amazing guy. I love him. He’s an amazing wrestler, and I got to do a match with him. It was fun getting to be on that side of the ring.”

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