Tito Ortiz Reflects On Training At WWE Performance Center


Former UFC/Bellator fighter Tito Ortiz got the chance to train at the WWE Performance Center last year.

Speaking with SportsMattersTV, Ortiz discussed his time training with the company. 

“It’s kind of funny you say that because last year of February before this pandemic came about, I was actually at the WWE training facility and I was there for fourteen days,” Ortiz said. “I put in a lot of work and I learned a lot of stuff in a quick amount of time you know, I think we worked 13 days every day and I was learning stuff that guys were learning who been there eight or nine months that were just learning and coach is like you catch on really, really quick. That’s always been a commodity for me that I am able to learn quickly, I am a fast learner with everything I do.”

Ortiz also stated that he felt that he was getting close to making WWE his home, but the COVID-19 pandemic happened and that all changed. 

“Once again, I got an opportunity to train at the WWE training facility and I loved it, I liked it I thought was great and I would fit in perfect,” Ortiz said. “The pandemic came about and everything got to a halt, a stop where there was no audience. I understand I don’t want to take someone’s job who’s trying to take care of their family. I dunno, we will see what happens in the future. Shane McMahon gave me the opportunity and I am very thankful of it and Triple H gave me the opportunity and I am very thankful of it. It was a great experience.

“It was something that the kid growing up was all I watched was WWF, which is WWE now, but as a kid that’s all I ever watched. I got an opportunity to do it and I was an MMA fighter because of professional wrestling, I was an amateur fighter because of professional wrestling and that was something I just made the best since to transition to something like that you know this pandemic came about just didn’t work well for me. It didn’t work well for them and it didn’t come into fruition, too bad we will see what happens in the future.”

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