Titus O’Neil Attends NFL Training Camp Today, Sgt. Slaughter Still Hospitalized?, & More News


— WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter is still hospitalized with an
undisclosed condition. We know Slaughter was scheduled to appear at.an Augusta
GreenJackets minor league baseball game on Saturday night but was forced to
cancel at the last minute. As of Friday night, Slaughter was still planning to
attend the game so whatever happened came on very quickly.

— Ricardo Rodriguez noted on Twitter Monday night that he won’t
be appearing with Alberto Del Rio at Sunday’s AAA TripleMania pay-per-view
event. This is due to his 90-day no compete clause. He did tease that once that
expires, it’s very possible we’ll be seeing a reunion between Del Rio and

— WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil was spotted at the Seattle Seahawks
training camp earlier today. With WWE Main Event and SmackDown being taped
tonight in Seattle, Titus was already in town and took the short drive over to

— Speaking of WWE SmackDown being taped tonight in Seattle, WA,
that means it’s going to be a late night for those of you who stay up for
**SPOILERS**. There will be a three-hour delay due to the West Coast time zone.
That means WWE SmackDown **SPOILERS* won’t be out until after 1AM EST.

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