Titus O’Neil: ‘Dave Batista Got Me Into Pro Wrestling’


Titus O’Neil recently spoke to ArenaFootball.com about making the transition from arena football to WWE. O’Neil said that Dave Batista got him into wrestling, noting, “My neighbor was Dave Batista. He was one of the top guys [in WWE] at the time and a real good friend of mine. He had always been talking to me about it and said I’d be good at it.”

He added, “It was not an easy transition to make. A lot of people believe it’s fake – it’s not fake, it’s predetermined. It’s very taxing on the body and it’s a lot more than just going out there, beating people up and body slamming them. It’s a very complicated sport to learn…In football, you play one game a week. In WWE, we entertain five, six, sometimes even seven nights a week, so it’s a tough schedule. There is no offseason and we’re on the road between 280 and 300-plus days a year. That kind of transition isn’t for everyone.”

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