TJP Comments On Being Impressed By Deonna Purrazzo, New Impact Wrestling Talent


During a recent appearance on Denise Salcedo’s Instinct Culture channel, TJP commented on all the new talent that has come into Impact Wrestling, Deonna Purrazzo impressing him, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the influx of new talent into Impact: “Well, selfishly I’m pretty happy, because the guys coming in are people I have been friends with for a while. I mean, I feel like the white elephant in the room of that question is probably Anderson and Gallows. And I’ve known them for so long, you know. We all just came from the same team, I guess. [laughs] And I’ll probably be seeing them in Japan as well, which is nice. And Bryan Myers, and Heath. Heath is another guy that I think is excellent and has so much potential that has completely been untapped. And an amazing attitude, for like being a team player and making things work, and people don’t realize how good he really is, I think.”

On being impressed by Deonna Purrazzo: “I was pleasantly surprised by Deonna Purrazzo when she was first coming in. I mean, she’s not the most recent group of people coming in, but she immediately came in and being a technical wrestler? That’s my jam, so I really enjoyed that she came in with that type of style, and is able to do that type of stuff. Because I feel there aren’t a lot of women’s technicians, that are pure technicians in that way, and I always thought it was really unique that we had one of the few really great women’s powerhouses in the company in Jordynne Grace. So now for Deonna to come in and to continue broadening the style — which, we already had, I think, a really good women’s division. I thought that was really cool, and I really enjoy watching Deonna work for that reason.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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