TMZ Picks Up A.W.’s Rape Line From RAW + Orton’s Return


— has picked up the story of A.W.’s rape joke on RAW. A rep for WWE issued a statement to the site, saying:

“A.W. made an inappropriate comment and WWE immediately apologized. WWE has taken appropriate action in the matter.”

The exact details of what action they took was unspecified. According to sources in the company, A.W. “felt horrible” for the comment and said that he “got caught up in the moment.” He reportedly realized that the comment could have been hurtful to rape victims and to their families. He is said to have immediately apologized to WWE officials including the McMahons, as well as several wrestlers. He promised not to make similar comments in the future.

It wouldn’t surprise us to see some sort of suspension or even a release announced later today. We shall see.

— Here is a video of Randy Orton’s return on WWE RAW this week:

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