TMZ Reports That Scott Hall Was Kicked Out Of An Airport Bar For Swearing At A Bartender


According to TMZ, Scott Hall was kicked out of a T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant for being drunk, loud, and harassing a bartender. According to a witness, Hall drank Coors Lights and had tequila shots. It is being said that he called the female bartender a bitch and then also got into a verbal altercation with the bartender’s father. It is sad that Hall did not believe the man was her father.

The manager of the restaurant then asked Hall to leave, but since Hall refused to listen, somebody called the cops. The cops arrived, and noticed it was Scott Hall. A cop shook his hand and then was able to calm down the situation. Hall eventually left without a police report being filed. You can see video from the incident below…

This is so unfortunate to see because Scott Hall was turning his life around and staying out of trouble with the help of his friend DDP. Let’s just hope his drinking has not spirled out of control again.

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