TNA Announces Renewed International TV Deals


TNA has announced a list of international TV licensees who recently renewed their TV distribution contracts. Here’s the list:

* U.K.’s Challenge TV (Impact, Xplosion, and PPVs) a

* U.K.’s BT Vision (Impact, Greatest Matches, and PPVs)

* Germany’s Sky Deutschland (Impact & PPVs)

* Turkey’s Beyaz TV (Impact)

* Thailand’s GMM Grammy (Impact, Xplosion, and PPVs)

* France’s Ma Chaine Sports (Impact & PPVs)

* Middle East’s FX (Xplosion)

* Israel’s Ego total (Impact & PPVs)

* Australia’s Fuel TV (Impact, Xplosion, and Greatet Matches)

* New Zealand’s Sky Network (Impact & PPVs)

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