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NewsTNA Concerned WWE Could Steal Their SpikeTV Deal?

TNA Concerned WWE Could Steal Their SpikeTV Deal?

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As noted earlier, TNA President Dixie Carter revealed on Twitter today that TNA has come to an agreement with Challenge TV in Great Britain for a new multi-year deal that will “keep all of our programming free in the UK and Ireland.”

TNA’s next big deal to get finished is with Spike TV in the United States. The deal will expire in October 2014 so negotiations will begin at some point in the current first quarter of this year. TNA feels that the sooner they can lock a new contract in with Spike, the better off they will be. TNA is pretty much depending on their Spike TV television deal to keep the company alive right now.

Some within the company are worried about the idea of WWE moving to Spike and other Viacom networks if they can’t get a better deal with Comcast, so TNA likely has a time limit in order to get a new deal completed. The other concern is that when the last deal was signed, the goal was for TNA to get a weekly audience of two million viewers. That didn’t happen as TNA’s total audience is down compared to when they signed their last deal.

eWN columnist Matt Boone wrote a great feature piece with more information on this story, including a look back at how eerily similar this situation is to the one that resulted in the demise of ECW back in the early 2000s. You can check out that editorial right now by clicking here.

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