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TNA Explains The Rules For This Week’s Race For The Case Match


TNA announced the rules for the “Race of the Case” match on this week’s Impact. The announcement was posted on, and you can read their announcement below:

It’s the first ever time that we’ve heard of such- A Race For the Case match that will change the game for several IMPACT Stars. On Thursday, roughly 12 competitors will enter the ring all vying for a colored briefcase that’s hung high around the ring. 4 briefcases that hold the number to their destiny.

Not only are the competitors fighting for a case, they’re fighting for the best number. And obviously everyone wants to open their case to find the reveal of the number one. The number that is unveiled with each opening of a case will determine what order the winners will be able to pick a match of their choosing with any stipulation. That means that the competitor can challenge for whatever championship they would like. For the winner who opens the case with the number one inside, his opportunities are endless!

Once a match and its stipulation is decided, the other remaining winners with numbers 2,3, and 4 cannot choose the same type of match or stipulation. Their choosing must be much different than the first. For example, if the winner of the case with the number 2 wants to challenge for the World Title and number one has already decided that they indeed want to compete for the World Championship, they are unable and their decision must be rendered obsolete.

All of the winners and their decided matches will take place in the future at Open Fight Night against a person of their choosing.

It all gets started Thursday. Who will win the cases? In what order will the competitors get to choose their choice of match and all that encompasses? Tune in tomorrow at 8/7c to find out who will be the lucky winners.

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