TNA Holds Conference Call


PWInsider reports that TNA held a conference call today, with Dixie Carter introducing Anthem Media’s Eric Nordholm as a member of the company’s Board of Managers. She also said that the Board will be directing the company moving forward and thenpraised Anthem for giving capital and resources. She that Anthem will bring the company to the next level. Nordholm then spoke with the roster; he said that the new agreement will be a good opportunity both for TNA and The Fight Network and went on to praise the roster for their work.

Regarding questions about changes in the creative team, Carter said that Dave Lagana resigned last week and that Billy Corgan was no longer with the company. She said the company will go back to a collaborative creative effort with John Gaburick, Matt Conway, and Madison Rayne, but also said they were seeking to hire more people for the creative side.

The idea of a OTT (streaming) network using TNA content was mentioned, and it also said that the company will look at getting back on a touring schedule and strengthening their relationship with Indian TV partner Sony Six.

The site noted that the conference call came to an “abrupt end”, since an automated message said that the call was being recorded.

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