TNA Issues Statement On TNA vs. WWE Lawsuit


— TNA sent out the following statement about the lawsuit between them and WWE regarding confidential information being leaked to WWE:


TNA Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding Current Litigation

NASHVILLE, Tenn — TNA Entertainment, LLC President Dixie Carter releases a statement in regard to the recent TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) the company filed against WWE in the Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville, Tennessee.

TNA President Dixie Carter states, “We were not surprised that the Court originally granted a swift temporary restraining order against WWE to prohibit interference with TNA’s contracts and business relationships. I’m pleased that the Court has now replaced that temporary measure with the most recent judicial Order. The Judge’s current Order sends a strong message about the importance of TNA protecting its trade secrets. Obviously, the accuracy of what WWE has represented remains important, so I look forward to the discovery process and what is revealed during litigation. As always, we will vigorously protect TNA and its brand from damage at the hands of any and all sources, no matter who is involved.”

— TNA also issued a press release touting the success of Slammiversary and Sting as the first TNA Hall of Famer. The press release called the Slammiversary crowd “the company’s largest crowd in the US to attend a live event” and promoted the fact that Sting’s induction into the Hall of Fame will take place at Bound for Glory in October.

“The 10 year milestone is an incredible achievement for TNA,” said Dixie Carter. “In honor of that, we felt it was time to begin recognizing the contributions of those who have made the greatest impact on our success. And now I am thrilled to announce that “The Icon” Sting will be our first-ever inductee into the hall. Sting came to TNA when we needed a major superstar to help establish the company. It made a statement when he signed with us, and he helped pave the way for other major names to join the roster. Eight years later he continues to reinvent himself, and I think he is doing his best work-to-date.”

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