TNA Knockout Reportedly Sent Home From UK Tour Following Incident With Reba Sky – Details Inside


Source: PW Insider

Former TNA Knockouts champion Awesome Kong was reportedly sent home from the current tour of Great Britain on the first day following a locker room altercation with Reby Sky, who just so happens to be Matt Hardy’s wife.


According to multiple sources, Kong took issue with Sky attempting to dress in the women’s locker room and threw out Sky’s bag of the locker room. Sky had not dressed in the women’s locker room at the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania tapings as we are are told she dressed separately at those tapings. The British tour was the first time Sky dressed in the Knockouts locker room.

The back story here appears to come from, of all things, social media and shoot interviews. In 2013, Kong made reference to Sky on a “Youshoot” DVD where she knocked Sky during the segment. Kong’s statements were apparently a declaration for Sky, earlier that year, going on Twitter in reference to Sid Vicious not showing up during an independent date, which Sky spoke out about. Sky would shoot then back online in a public Q&A forum when asked about Kong knocking her during her statement.

So, while the entire back and forth happened years ago and was likely forgotten by everyone except the two main women, it appears to have been the root cause of what sent Kong off and might explain what she was demanding an apology for.

We are told Sky left the locker room (likely to speak to someone in TNA management) and when she returned to retrieve her things, Kong went after her for not apologizing to her.

There are two versions making the rounds as to what happened next. One was that Kong tried to go after Sky but was stopped by TNA Management. The second version, which we’ve heard from several more sources, is that Kong stifled Sky around the neck and attacked her, before security and TNA Producer Pat Kenney restrained Kong.

What makes the entire situation worse is that Reby and Matt Hardy’s seven-month old son was right in the middle of the incident according to sources.

The incident led to Kong being sent home by TNA. What this means for her long-term status with the company is probably undecided as of this writing.

Kong left TNA in 2010 after assaulting disc jockey Bubba the Love Sponge (who was at the time, working as a backstage interviewer for the company through his connection to Hulk Hogan) after Bubba made derogatory remarks about Haiti following a major Earthquake there. She went to WWE for a short run as Kharma and returned to TNA in early 2015.

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